Red Cord Community was founded by teacher and spiritual director Lorilyn Wiering in 2013. Earlier that year Lorilyn developed a friendship with a survivor of human trafficking. This woman, in a moment of great mutual vulnerability, was used by God to bring Lorilyn to the foot of the cross of Jesus in a profound way. Overwhelmed by the awareness of our human connection and brokenness with relation to God, creation and each other, a vision was born for nurturing a community of believers who value the inward/outward (or, contemplative/active) journey of faith.

Our ecumenical Board of Directors is made up of both activists and contemplatives who nurture and challenge one another toward greater wholeness. Since 2013 Red Cord Community has been engaged in anti-trafficking work, advocacy for people on the margins, and ongoing spiritual formation teaching and facilitation. We offer Soulcare for Changemakers.



Lorilyn Wiering, Founder and Executive Director

lorilynLorilyn is a spiritual director, retreat leader, writer and teacher. Drawn to the margins of society and self, she delights in facilitating the vital relationship between edge and center to reveal a greater wholeness. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and three children.



Board of Directors

Kathryn Christensen: Counselor, Pastoral Care, Retreat Leader
Emily Colledge: Sojourner and Prayer Warrior
Chris Mason: Physician with Attention MD; Founder & Partner of Pauls’ Moms’ Cookies
Ruth Bell Olsson: Strategic Partnership Consultant, Bethany Global
Rachelle Oppenhuizen: Artist, Spiritual Director, Expressive Arts Facilitator

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Stephanie Gerdes

Hi Lorilyn! This is Stephanie Gerdes, who attended one of your retreats a couple autumns ago. I wanted to let you know of an upcoming lecture I think you and your Red Cord friends might find of particular interest. A nun will be speaking on “The Soul” at a lecture series called “Authenticum” that typically meets the first Thursday of every month at Sacred Heart Parish/Academy near John Ball Park. I have attended several of these lectures over the last couple years, and they have been taking me a deeper place spiritually and in my role as a teacher. The Headmaster at Sacred Heart Classical Academy suggested that I would want to attend this particular one on the soul. It will be Thursday, March 1 at 7 PM, with cheese, crackers, fruit, and wine, cider, and coffee at 6:30. My soul looks forward to many of these lectures!!! I have been fed such inspiration at the others. That said, since the lecturers and topics are different each month, it’s difficult to vouch ahead of time for what one will receive. But this one, I thought, you and others in your Red Chord Community might find particularly inspiring. 🙂 I hope you are well.

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