Red Cord Community welcomes you to SOULSHOPS

a series of six 90-minute session designed to serve your Lenten soulwork of growth and discipleship.

Participants will be introduced to the three Spiritual Disciplines of “Prayer of the heart,” “The Examen,” and “Lectio Divina.” Brief formal background will provide the substance from which various creative, expressive modes of exploration with be offered with encouragement to set aside judgments or specific outcome expectations. No proficiency in any art forms is required. If you keep a journal, you are encouraged to bring it along. If you don’t keep a journal (yet), you are encouraged to bring any old notebook or sketchbook that you feel comfortable carrying along.

You may choose to attend all six sessions, or perhaps select a few, according to your other Thursday night considerations and your degree of interest in the three specific Spiritual Disciplines that we will introduce and explore together by means of various creative processes.* Each session offered is different and can stand alone.

*”Creative Processes” will include movement, rhythm, visual expressions, journal writing, introduction to dreamwork, clay, embodied forms of prayer…

Dates and Times: Thursday evenings from 7:30-9pm

March 9 & 16: Prayer of the Heart

March 23 & 30: The Examen

April 13 & 20: Lectio Divina

COST: $15 per session, OR $72 for all six sessions

PLACE: Soulcare Place, 200 Lago Lane NE, Grand Rapids

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Enrollment numbers may vary somewhat from session to session, but group size will be limited to 10 participants to maintain a quiet atmosphere.

Course Environment: Casual attire, please. Enrollees will be welcomed to a comfortable, contemplative and creative space in which to engage individually and in community with resources and materials for deep, creative exploration. Though we hope to nourish a vivid sense of community which includes a healthy sense of playfulness,  the instruction and activities offered will be at an adult level which will assume a basic ability to be self-directed for most of the processes available beyond the basic informational introductions. Though the course is not specifically designed for teens, we would welcome any who have an interest in creative explorations that call upon a communal sense of reverence for who and what arrives.

Refund policy: Refunds will not be offered EXCEPT in the event of session cancellation due to weather conditions.

Written by Lorilyn