Growth of our True Selves in God is what we are made for, and yet such growth does not always happen easily. While God is always present and active in our lives, we may miss God’s communication to us. Feelings of isolation, confusion and discouragement make it hard to hear. Cyclical patterns that no longer serve us can get in the way. And yet, God’s growth energy within us and around us continues. Spiritual direction increases our awareness of all of this and more, and helps us become more responsive to God’s invitation of ongoing spiritual transformation.

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice by which a seeker meets with an experienced sojourner for deep listening, reflection, support and guidance. Some seekers come for help with a particular discernment. Others are responding to a deepening hunger for God. Another may come out of the discouragement of “stuckness.” Whatever draws seekers, along the way, many have found spiritual direction to be a vital nurture for living an active life rooted in God.

All Red Cord Community spiritual directors are certified and engaged in ongoing professional development and peer supervision.

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