I’m glad you’re here to explore spiritual direction. I hope that you, like many others,  will find that making an investment in your life with God will pay rich dividends of love, joy, peace and more! Spiritual direction is an ancient practice by which a seeker meets with an experienced sojourner for deep listening, reflection, support and guidance. Some seekers come for help with a particular discernment. Others are responding to a deepening hunger for God. Another may come out of the discouragement of “stuckness.” Whatever draws seekers, along the way, many have found spiritual direction to be a vital nurture for living an active life rooted in God.

While growth of our True Selves in God is what we are made for, such growth does not always happen easily. Although God is always present and active in our lives, we may miss God’s communication to us. Feelings of isolation, confusion and discouragement make it hard to hear. Cyclical patterns that no longer serve us can get in the way. And yet, God’s growth energy within us and around us continues.

My work as a spiritual director is to nurture an increasing awareness of God’s presence and action in one’s life and, also, one’s freedom to be a trusting participant in that action. Our time together will strengthen awareness and integration of the knowing of head, heart and body relative to God’s activity in your life.

Here’s how current and former directees of mine describe our time together.

Lorilyn is very good at listening well and asking questions. She very rarely answers questions though! One of my favorite of her quetions is, “When in the last week did you feel most in the flow or out of the flow of love?” This really helped me when I wasn’t sure where to start.  Sarah

I brought to my meeting with Lorilyn a painful church experience that had left me bereft of the comfort church had always provided me. I felt desperate and angry and deeply hurt. Being met with compassion by Lorilyn, and having her share my sorrow, was enormously healing and opened me up to gifts of healing I could not have received if she hadn’t welcomed me in all my grief.  Sara

Spiritual direction has allowed me to live this mantra: At all times and in all places, where can I see God? Ted

I have never been in a situation in which I felt so completely ‘heard.’ It was very different than the counseling or therapy I had tried in the past. I sensed that Lorilyn was in prayer throughout the time we were together which was so comforting. Lorilyn has become one of my spiritual mentors and I consider her my pastor in many ways. Chris

Spiritual direction is like having a field guide to help you plan and prepare for a journey into the heart of God. While the field guide can’t take the journey for you, a spiritual director will help you identify known pathways and can help personalize the journey based on your own needs, prior experiences and possibilities. Alycia

I met with Lorilyn in both one-on-one and group spiritual direction. During our sessions, she was able to help me reflect and see myself the way God sees me. She was able to point out some places where I was stuck and some unhealthy ways I viewed my relationship with the Father. She gave me tools and spiritual practices to help me deepen my relationship with God. She gently nudged, reminded, reflected and showed me God’s grace and love. I am forever grateful for the time we spent together. Emily

I began spiritual direction when I was entering my elder years. I was becoming afraid of losing my sense of God’s closeness to me and I began doubting my faith. Now, after meeting with Lorilyn over the last eight years, I am far less anxious. She has helped me to feel close to God again and has helped me be more willing and able to be open to hearing the hurts and pains of others, especially those whom I love, and then feeling a great sense of mutual closeness with them. Jane


I am an experienced and certified spiritual director. and am engaged in ongoing professional development and peer supervision. As I am also a certified Enneagram Practitioner, if you already work with the enneagram, or desire to do so, that can be part of our sessions.

Contact me at: lorilyn@redcordcommunity.org to learn more, or to schedule a meeting.

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Written by Lorilyn

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